Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to affect us. It is an extraordinary situation where everyone is affected in some way. We need to continue to help each other, persevere and follow guidelines and general advice.

The salon will be open and strictly follow the recommendations and general advice to make you feel safe to come for treatment.

**It is important that you only come for treatment if you are completely healthy / symptom-free. Contact me as soon as you feel sick and we will find a new time.**

Our Commitment

• A maximum of 3 people can stay in the room at the same time.
• Only perform treatments when we are completely healthy / symptom-free.
• We set aside extra time between each customer to ensure extra good hygiene and limit the number of people in the room.
• Treatments will normally be done with a visor and/or face mask.
• The possibility to rebook treatments less than 24 hours before the booked time, without charge.
• Complies with the authorities’ legal requirements and guidelines for hygienic activities & for limiting the spread of infection.
• Keeps me updated and follows the information provided by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Customer Commitment

• Only come for treatment if you are completely healthy / symptom-free, Rebook your time otherwise.
• Do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before the booked time.
• Leave shoes and outerwear at the entrance.
• Upon arrival, wash your hands thoroughly and feel free to use rubbing alcohol.
• Feel free to bring your own mouth guard if it is possible to use a mask during treatment.
• We always work according to the municipality’s (environmental administration) guidelines and follow the Swedish Dermatologists’ Association’s (SHR) ethical rules.
If you have any thoughts or questions, please contact us.